It’s a Busy Life

I just finished unpacking from a trip to Tennessee, but my suitcase is going to live in my room for a little bit because I’ll be repacking it to head out on a super quick trip to Louisville on Sunday for a big music exam.  In between the trips I’ve got finals at college! 😀  Keeping busy.

I was thrilled to be able to go down to Tennessee and see Joshua graduate!  Now, after I finish up my degree in a month or so, Lord willing, we can really get to planning a wedding!  Until then though, my life consists of practicing harp like crazy, teaching, playing for a few events, and trying to stay on top of everyday activities + sleep.

Why yes, I did carry a dozen roses all over two airports and on a plane.  Isn’t that what anyone would do?

We were able to do some registering a few months ago, and are looking forward to finishing that up soon.  We received our first items off our registry this week though that a thoughtful person so kindly gave us!  A set of our Noritake little bowls and an ice cream scoop!  So exciting to get, and makes it seem a lot more “real” if that makes sense.  I love them and can’t wait to use them.