Wedding Photos!

1.  Our wedding day was perfect and everything I could have wanted.  It was cold but not really too freezing considering that we got married the week after Christmas in Illinois, so we were really thankful!  Everything went so well and it was just a really nice relaxed day.

2.  We were blessed with a wonderful honeymoon in Key West, Florida, and didn’t want to come home, it was so perfect.  Also it was very nice and warm! 🙂

3.  We were so incredibly delighted to have Evangeline Porter as our photographer!  Kind of a dream come true. 🙂  She’s amazing as a photographer and also just a really sweet person!  Be sure to check out her blog!

All photos credit to Evangeline Renee Photography.

The Ring Shot

The dress.  It was so incredible to realize as I was putting it on that this was my wedding dress and this was my wedding day and by the end of the day Joshua and I would be married!!!!!!

Joshua and I meant to have a meal together on the morning of the wedding since the ceremony wasn’t until 7 p.m. but it didn’t end up working out.  So we didn’t see each other all morning, so the first time we saw each other was literally at the “first look”.  And it was SO amazing and so nice to finally see each other and just spend a little bit of time together before all the guests arrived and we were with people for the rest of the day.

Our “first look” – it was such a special and amazing time to see each other for the first time on our WEDDING DAY and we wouldn’t trade this time for anything.  It also really helped to calm nerves, just to have the chance to be together for a little while during the day.  We definitely would recommend it. 🙂

It was kind of cold for the outdoor photoshoot time, so I wore my coat for some of the pictures.  They turned out to be some of my absolute favorites!


Our wonderful wedding party!
The flower girls, oh so adorable, and oh so cold, poor things.
Me and my ‘maids. 🙂
The groom and his groomsmen

My handsome groom. 🙂

These were by a frozen lake and are some of my favorites for sure!

We were able to get a few sunset pictures.

The ceremony!

The reception!

Reception time!  Our reception was in a church gymnasium, but things like these awesome hanging lights and loads of tulle made it feel waaaaayyy less gym-ish!  I was so pleased with how it all turned out.
Cake cutting!  We actually had pies as the main dessert, but had this small cake to cut.

Joshua’s and my wonderful families.  We are so thankful for them all!
The reception food was just so pretty.  A dear friend took charge of the setup and she did a fabulous job!

SO incredibly happy.

We are so thankful for all our wonderful family and friends who helped make the day perfect!  We feel so blessed, and are loving married life!