IMG_5777.JPG(2)Hi, I’m Kimberly!  Thanks for stopping by!

My mission through this website is to add beauty to the world, one small step at a time! I believe in the power of little things, like gifts or handwritten notes given for no reason at all, but just to be an encouragement and blessing to others.  The original goal of this website was to equip people with budget-friendly options to either gift to others, or to themselves!  And now it also has a blog section (that sometimes gets updated!), for more ideas and inspiration!  I hope you enjoy it.

I spend a lot of my time behind either a piano or my harp, and I am working on finishing up my degree in harp performance.  I love to nanny little children and manage to find time to do it often.  I also really enjoy things like crocheting, sewing from no pattern, cooking and baking, and styling hair!

Most importantly, I’m a Christian, and am so thankful for my relationship with the Lord.  I believe that lasting joy and contentment are found in the Lord; not in the things that I do, or what people think of me, or anything else.  The ultimate goal of my life is to glorify God, and my desire is to please Him in all that I say, and all that I do.

I’m from the Chicago area, I am the sixth of ten children, and my idea of a perfect day includes a yummy candle, a cuppa tea, soft music playing in the background, maybe some dark chocolate, and maybe some rain.  I like the color that is sometimes called teal, sometimes turquoise, I think you know what I’m talking about.  And I usually find myself drawn to it whenever shopping, because, well, you really can’t have too much of one color, can you?



Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, all metal findings used by The Kimberly Collection (ear wires, chains, clasps, etc.) are plated. This is necessary to keep costs down. Because of this, the findings will tarnish over time. To properly care for your jewelry, store it in a closed container.